Welcome to Cohomotion
Experienced salmon and trout charter fishing.
You could stand on the shore and wait for your trophy fish to wander by, but wouldn’t you rather go out on Lake Ontario in a fully outfitted watercraft and reel in a picture worthy salmon. Maybe even one that will win a fishing derby?

Cohomotion can take you out there. You don’t have to worry about having the right gear and tackle. It’s already onboard.

You don’t have to search the net or call a travel agent to book a room, we have that covered, too.

Can you hear the fish slapping their tails on the water, can you hear the water lapping the sides of the boat? Can you taste the cold water of Lake Ontario, its depths carved hundreds of thousands of years ago by retreating glaciers? Imagine the size of that fish swimming by, waiting for the right lure . . . your lure? Feel the motion — Cohomotion. Everything you need to experience Lake Ontario freshwater sport fishing.

Call us at 315-587-2743 or e-mail us at cohomotion@yahoo.com.